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Class/Activity Sponsor Class/Activity Sponsor
Senior Class Halee Liley, McKenzie Maddox JH Cheerleaders Jennifer Jones     
Junior Class Julie Halcomb, Jake Streck FCA Trisha Sterling
Sophmore Class Jana Boyer, Eric Spidell     FCCLA Julie Halcomb
Freshman Class Zach Hess, Nathan Jones FFA Mckensey Maddox                         
8th Grade Class Brenda Almond, Sean Herbig Band Boosters Kathy Flaherty
7th Grade Class Niclole Freeman All Sports Club Eric Spidell
Graduation Advisors Micheal Thompson, Brandi Langford Honor Society Brandi Langford
Student Concil Halee Liley Academic Teams Carolyn Murphy
Yearbook Brenda Almond Gifted/Talented Debbie George
HS Cheerleaders Cali Spidell    

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